Smithfield Foods Night Feed Mill Operator in Yuma, Colorado

Primary Location: CO-Yuma Organization: HPD-Colorado Job: Feed Milling Night Feed Mill Operator -(18000646)DescriptionSummary: This position is responsible operating all functions of the mill ona daily basis.Grinding:* Grind materials to maintain adequate inventory for use* Be capable of setting up on computer to grind products in automatic* Inspect screens and clean hammermill magnet per scheduleBatching:* Store and use drugs, vitamins and other micro-ingredients bymanufacture's lots on first-in, first-out method.* Tape up any torn bags immediately* As drugs are dumped, record bags and lot numbers on the "Drug usageworksheet"* Count all drugs, micros at midnight and record on the "Production floorand warehouse floor bagged inventory sheet as well as the drug inventoryrecord* Measure all micro and tote bins at midnight and record on the "Daily micro& ingredient reconciliation"* Print out all reports at end of shift to include receiving, batching,pelleting, load-out, and the periods* Be able to operate the batching console in automatic* Distribute mixed batches of feed into clean closed empty bins as required* Properly sequence feed to limit contamination of drugs into other feeds* Flush behind medicate feeds as scheduled* Maintain clean and orderly work area in control room and mixing area* Remove all dust, material spills and paper at the end of each shift andplace in the dumpster* Keep accurate batching records and record on the "batching schedule"* Clean all batching equipment per schedulePelleting:* Correctly produce feeds through the pelletmill cooler and conveyingequipment* Complete feed runs to prevent cross contamination into later feed runs* Flush equipment as directed to prevent cross contamination into thefollowing runs* Run feeds into clean empty closed bins* Correctly set routing to finished feed bins* Obtain samples of each run and submit to the PA* Clean equipment per schedule* Keep accurate pelleting records and record on the "pelleting schedule"* Grease pellet mill and associated equipment per scheduleDispatching feed delivery trucks:* Select loads in accordance to the production schedule to maintain anefficient running mill* Assign loads to feed delivery drivers* Set up load and load truck* Maintain accurate records for each loadBagged Ingredient Receipt:* Be certified to operate the forklift* Chock trucks prior to unloading* Rotate stock on FIFO basis* Complete receiving report accurately* Complete Drug Receiving Report accurately* Report equipment malfunctions immediately to supervision* All other tasks and duties as assigned by the feedmill ManagerCompliance* Completes daily duties in a manner that maintains compliance and seeks outopportunities for improvement within the Murphy Brown ISO22000 Feed Safety andQuality program.* Comply with all Bio-Security (BMS) and Environmental (EMS)management system's rules and regulations* Responsible for being in compliance with all environmental laws andprocedures to which Smithfield Hog Production subscribes* Report all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor.* Read and understand the company's emergency notification process and willbe responsible for reviewing that policy at their work siteQualifications Job Requirements:* Minimum High School Education* Minimal computer skills preferred* Good verbal & written communications skills required* Good organizational skills* Stay PQA Plus Certified* Must be available to work all shifts and hours including evenings andweekends.Abilities Required:* Must be able to effectively communicate with a variety of individualsincluding other employees, and vendors.* Must be able to continually lift 50 pounds, occasionally 70 pounds* Must be able to occasionally swing a sledge hammer in all types of weather* Must be able to frequently climb a ladder* Must be able to work at heights up to 200 ft.* Must be able to function in a stressful and hectic environment.* Must be able to tolerate cold, heat, mill dust, mill odors, a