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MTech Mechanical Sheet Metal Apprentice in Westminster, Colorado

Job SummaryPerform entry level general sheet metal fabrication and installation dutieswith supervision.Essential Job FunctionsAPPRENTICE 1 (0-12 months)Basic math skills.Operates ductline including total insulating responsibilities. Understands andoperates all machinery.Understands terminology, preps ductwork for installation, has basic handtools as per tool list and can properly use them.Attends all MTech Mechanical Apprenticeship training classes regularly andoutside schooling if available.Develops good housekeeping and safety habits.Understands and is responsible for accurate material checkout from warehouseand labor accounting.Attentive to following instructions and has positive attitude towardleadman, fellow employees and customers.Can document approximately 2,000 hours of employment.Perform laborer tasks including such duties as sweeping, cleaning,delivering, loading, unloading, hole cutting, etc.Regular and predictable attendance is expected in order to meet therequirements of this positionOther duties as assignedAPPRENTICE 2 (12-24 months)All Apprentice 1 responsibilities and be able to:Read non-complex blueprints, detail shop orders from prints and onsitemeasurements.Install HVAC systems with minor supervision.Set up and operate all job related tools safely.Fabricate duct and simple fittings, ie. els, trs, offsets.Understand the fundamentals of heating, ventilating and air conditioning.Flat solder copper and galvanized joints, properly waterseal duct joints andOSM joints.Have fundamental knowledge of fibrous duct installations.Be willing to help solve installation problems.Document approximately 4,000 hours of employment.Other duties as assignedAPPRENTICE 3 (24-36 months)All Apprentice 1 and 2 responsibilities and:Do all types of small jobs alone with supervision including add on airconditioning, furnace change-outs, humidifiers, air cleaners.Can install all types of normal residential, commercial, industrial HVACsystems with supervision. Able to impart trade knowledge to and lead a helper.Can coordinate work with customer and other trades.Can install outside metal.Can weld light gauge sheet and lightweight angle iron frames.Can complete jobs successfully in terms of labor and material budgets.Can document approximately 6,000 hours of employment.Other duties as assignedAPPRENTICE 4 (36-48 months)All Apprentice 1, 2 and 3 responsibilities plus:Application for certification at local jurisdictions as required.Know fundamental design and can successfully complete all jobs as per MTechMechanical standards.Can document 8,000 hours of employment.Support the total quality effort. Identify and respond to the needs ofinternal and external customers 100% of the time.Work within the guidelines of the safety and employee policy.Upon graduation, obtain Denver Journeyman Heating and Ventilating Certificate.Other duties as assignedQualificationsMinimum 18 years of ageHigh school graduate/GEDMechanical aptitudeWillingness to learn through on the job training and technical school coursesReliable transportation to and from work requiredAmericans with Disability SpecificationsThe physical demands described here are representative of those that must bemet by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of thisjob. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals withdisabilities to perform the essential functions.While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly requiredto:Have full range of mobility in upper and lower body.Be able to reach overhead.Be able to work a full range of physical activity in various positions,including, but not limited to, stooping, standing, bending over,kneeling and squatting, climbing, walking for extended periods of time.Be able to lift, pull and push materials and equipment to complete assignedjob tasks.Be able to lift 75 pounds of weight frequently throughout assigned workday.Capable of hearing at a level or correctable to a level where the person isable to recei