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Vestas QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) Assistant in Pueblo, Colorado

POSITION: QSE (Quality, Safety, and Environment) AssistantDUTIES: Construction/Construction Management A/Storage Yard. PrimaryQSE (Quality, Safety, and Environment) Assistant for assigned PTC Yard dailyoperations. Advises the Project Manager and Leadership Teams in theadministration of the Vestas QSE Management System. Conducts inspectionsassists in investigations and reviews of working conditions and behaviors toensure compliance with occupational safety, health, and environmentalregulations.* Will collaborate with Operational level stakeholders across thebusiness, in concordance with the business objectives.* Will also work with Category management teams, Factory management teams,in some cases external stakeholders, i.e. suppliers or customers, etc.,all QSE organization including Global QSE Management team* Function as a construction site Influencer* Advocates the Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Safety Teams, and liaison withQSE construction nationwide.* Plan and implement safety and health standards, criteria, and guidelines,such as those issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Fire ProtectionAssociation (NFPA), and Vestas Corporate applicable regulations.Monitors construction compliance level and recommend action for identifiedat-r situations* Plan, and deliver QSE Training curriculum using standard computerpresentation programs, to train team members, supervisors, and managers inConstruction and corporate Vestas QSE practices.* Coordinates QSE Management System review and input to process hazardassessments and change management of policy, procedures, machines.* Conducts routine task and non-standard work-based Risk Assessments of jobactivities to professionally identify hazards to determine use of hierarchyfor hazard controls* Inspects organization facilities to detect existing or potential accidentand health hazards, determines corrective or preventative measures whereindicated, and follows up to ensure measures have been implemented* Performs or Coordinates industrial hygiene and ergonomic audits.* Documents findings according to accepted procedures. Uses and maintains QSErelated instrumentation, including calibration records.* Ensures routine Inspections fire suppression equipment, emergencylighting, emergency shower, and eyewash units, first-aid supplies, andany other applicable Life Safety device * Delivers respiratory protectioncare, maintenance, and use program training as applicable.* Coordinates investigative causes of injuries, accidents, incidents, andnear misses to identify preventive safety measures for incorporation intothe safety program.* Maintains programs and record-keeping systems that track and evaluateLegal, ISO, OHSAS, and Vestas Corporate compliance to established standards* Review, edit and implement Internal Procedure documents pertaining toidentified physical, behavioral, and legal risks and operational controls* Maintains QSE files and records for internal and external auditingcompliance Reports QSE data in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports* Compiles and submits agency reports required by regulatory agencies,including Title V requirements.* Oversight of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) files locally and via theVestas 3E MSDS Database* Lead compliance for state and federal regulations for handling, storage,and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. Liaison with approved wastetransporters and recyclers* Performs all required responsibilities in relation to the identification,inspection, and management of the waste disposal program. Assists inidentifying waste streams, implementation of labeling of waste containers,and obtains labels* Oversees training in the Recycling and Hazardous Waste Contingency plans toaffected workers. Arranges for disposal of liquid and solid wastes;maintains State-required records* Act as Safety Coordinator/Liaison for Hazardous Materials and Waste,Spill, and Emer