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Professional Contract Services, Inc Quality Control Manager 780 in Peterson AFB, Colorado

1.0 Purpose* This document defines the responsibilities and duties of the site-specificQuality Control Manager (QCM) for PCSI. Furthermore, this documentdefines the scope and collaboration required by and between PCSI operations,project management, quality and safety to standardize and implement qualityprocesses and procedures that are promptly reported with appropriatepreventive and, when necessary, corrective actions being implemented basedupon site-specific, corporate (when applicable) and applicablelegal/statutory requirements called for at the site level.2.0 Summary* Manage and Maintain the Quality Management System (QMS) IAW CorporateQuality Directives* The position is recognized as Quality Control Manager in an effort toemphasize the need to proactively ensure quality is thought of and accountedfor in the way processes are defined and implemented, while also puttinginto place the quality control aspects needed to verify and sustain effectiveimplementation.* The QCM position includes the responsibility for environmental, health andsafety unless these responsibilities have been designated to other positionsor are not applicable (not all sites have the need for environmental).* Under the direction of the Corporate Quality with additional oversight andreporting responsibilities to Program/Project Manager (PM) and CorporateSafety and Loss Control, the site QCM develops, implements and monitorsPCSI's site-specific quality control program, ensuring operationalcontrols are in place for all requirements and that quality controlinspections and/or audits are performed in accordance with the site-specificQuality Control Plan (QCP).* This quality control program addresses site-specific quality control(e.g., operational controls, inspection/audit plans, etc.),which includes standards, specifications, regulations, etc., used bythe site to ensure conformance or compliance, as applicable. Direction foradministering this program may come from or be directed by the contract,operations management, Corporate quality, environmental and/or safety.This includes promoting the awareness, understanding and use of the QualityManagement System (QMS) to all employees at the site to ensure totalcustomer satisfaction and deliverance of the highest quality services thatmeet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.3.0 ResponsibilitiesThe overall responsibilities of the QCM fall into the following areas:* Determine criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation andcontrol of the quality processes are effective.* Collaborate with and assist PCSI operations in standardizing andimplementing operational controls (procedures/work instructions,checklists, training plans, etc.) and methods based upon key customerrequirements and any applicable Corporate and/or statutory/regulatoryrequirements pertinent to the site.* Conduct and document process and system inspections or audits using writtenprocedures as inspection and/or audit standards.* Measure, monitor and analyze the processes and implement actions necessaryto meet goals and drive continual improvement.* Provide quality data as required to support management review efforts atboth the site and Corporate levels.* Collaborate with the PM in coordinating with customers and Corporate toensure contractual and applicable Corporate and/or statutory/regulatoryprocedural requirements are fully implemented and sustained in a consistentmanner throughout operations.* Collaborate with the PM to validate deliverables are performed to anacceptable quality level.* Monitor corrective actions implemented by operations for critical/majorand minor nonconformities, ensuring that actions are effective,implemented in a timely manner, and are permanent in nature to avoidrecurrence of deficiencies.* Continually support PCSI's Corporate Quality Management System (QMS)and the ISO 9001 standard.* When applicable, provide direction/supervision to inspector personnelwho report directly to the QCM.* When applicabl