Sierra Nevada Corporation Engineering Technician Senior (Solar Arrays And Electronics) in Louisville, Colorado

Engineering Technician Senior (Solar Arrays and Electronics)The Engineering Technician at Sierra Nevada Corporation, Space Systems willwork day to day on Space Flight Hardware throughout the plant.Programs may include electromechanical components for commercial andDepartment of Defense satellite systems, Planetary Exploration Systems suchas the Mars 2020 Rover, International Space Station and the full systemintegration, test and launch operations of the SNC Dream Chaser CargoSystem. Because of this fluid yet disciplined work environment, EngineeringTechnicians must have a high degree of both technical competency, writtenand verbal communication skills, and be comfortable working in groups orindependently in order to develop prototypes and collaborate with engineers,troubleshoot, document and put explicit plans into action on Space Flightassemblies, ground support equipment and test configurations.Engineering Technicians then must be able to analyze test results and data andprovide sound recommendations to the engineering staff.Our ideal candidates are excellent communicators, problem solvers, andpossess sound interpersonal and decision making skills. Computer proficiencyis mandatory with experience in Microsoft Office suite.PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:Ability to solder to space flight standards per the IPC-J-STD-001GSAbility to support SMT installationsAbility to work with small delicate hardware under magnificationSetting up and running engineering directed testing on a variety of differentspace flight hardwareMaintaining several required certificationsAbility to train or mentor less experienced techniciansUnderstands, plans and executes testing and troubleshooting activities inaccordance with SNC policies, procedures, work instructions and specificcustomer requirementsCompletes parts lists, checks drawings, generates and processesengineering/document change requests, notices, and/or orders and othergeneral engineer tasking with direction from EngineersResponsible for low level design activities including cable design, ICDgeneration, and non-complex circuit layout/brass boardingUtilizes standard laboratory test equipment including: oscilloscopes,logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, voltmeters andother measurement equipment to perform engineering support functionsTroubleshoots equipment using standard documentation packages includingassembly drawings and schematicsWorks with various levels of the system (from the board and componentlevel, to the LRU, to the system level) to identify and resolveperformance problemsADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:Punctuality to work each day and prepared to work scheduled work hoursOther duties as assignedCOMPLIANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:Responsible for thoughtful adherence to all SNC Policies, Procedures, andCompliance regulations (internal and external)ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Minimum physical requirements to perform all duties and responsibilities, asdefined by managementSNC job descriptions are meant as summarizations only. They do not necessarilyreflect all duties and responsibilities of a positionEDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED:Associates in Electrical Engineering Technology or BS/BE a plus preferablyfrom ABET accredited institutionCertified to or very knowledgeable in IPC J-STD-001GS Soldered ElectricalConnections (may be substituted with NASA-STD- 8739.3 Requirements forSoldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies)Has experience in NASA-STD-8739.4 workmanship standard for crimping,interconnecting cables, harnesses or IPC-J-STD-620 with space addendumHas experience in NASA-STD-8739.1 workmanship standard for polymericapplication on electronic assembliesHas experience working in an ESD sensitive environmentHas experience with various test equipment including DMMs, Oscilloscopes,Power suppliesKnowledge of interface and design documentation such as Functional blockdiagrams PCB design, layout, and fabrication documentation skillsExpected to be able to perform s