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Recycled Mat-ters Shop Assistant Advancing To Shop Manager in Lakewood, Colorado

Shop Assistant advancing to Shop Manager - with early RATE INCREASEs(Lakewood, CO)Compensation: $12.32 per hour. Compensation will be reported on Form W-2 -fifteen to twenty (15-20) hours weekly.Recycled Mat-ters will train you to refurbish Commercial Grade Floor Mats,to include vulcanizing rubber and sewing tears.To learn how to grade incoming inventory, you will start in the sortingdepartment, separating TBR (To Be Repaired) and BER (Beyond EconomicRepair). Once you have mastered sorting, you will be introduced to therefurbishing department and begin your training in repair, utilizing sewingneedles, vacuums, hand-grinders, heat-press machines, rolling andtaping finished product by grade. Lifting inventory weighing up to 25 poundsis required. Standing all shift is required. You will keep a detailed timesheeOpportunity to advance to Shop Manager as your skill improves and you learnand take ownership of new tasks.Starting pay is $12.32 per hour (W-2), part-time, day-shift. Payincreases to $12.50 at the beginning of second full month of employment. Payincreases to $13.00 at the beginning of the third full month of employment.Pay increases after the fourth full month of employment are based upon theresponsibilities you take on and your success in performing them.Our pay-periods end on the fifteenth (15th) and the last day of the month.Pay dates are the same dates. Pay-check distribution is five working daysafter the pay date.We've been doing this for eleven (11) years, we are stable andgrowing. Get your foot in the door, work your way up, and feel good aboutrefurbishing products, saving them from premature landfill destinations.Please be thoughtful in your E-Mail reply. Telling us that you want the job isnot what makes us want to follow-up with you. Research our web-site, ourFacebook page, and the City of Lakewood 2020 Sustainability Awards page,then tell us why you would like to work with us. Pretend you are writing to areal person who cares what you have to say (because we actually do).Gordon, Managing MemberRecycled Mat-ters[Email hidden]