· Insure all machinery is maintained in the best condition possible.

· Create and distributed the highest quality product possible.

· Insure rendering department makes all necessary yields.

· Make sure department is always adequately staffed for daily operations.

· Communicate often with corporate on sales and loads to insure product specifications and quality.

· Communicate with plant personnel on various plant issues and relay these issues to all necessary employees in the rendering department.

· Act as a liaison between plant management and rendering employees.

· Insure adequate transportation is on hand to distribute products.

· Deal with government officials on a daily basis to insure cleanliness of area.

· Communicate with lab areas on the quality of rendering products.

· Order all maintenance parts when necessary.

· Work schedule is fairly structured and only deviates when machinery breakdowns occur.

· Job performance is measured by the Operations Manager on criteria such as quality of products, expenses of department, safety of department and yields of rendering area.

· Attend and give input at daily plant meetings.

· Directly involved in interviewing and hiring new supervisors.

· Make promotion decisions regarding supervisors on criteria such as people skills, common sense, general knowledge of rendering operation and the ability to successfully handle crisis situations.

· Directly responsible for training all new supervisors and lead men.

· Deal directly with all disciplinary matters in area and take action. This action may range from verbal warnings to termination’s.


· Minimum 5 years experience in rendering area.

· Experience in numerous plants would be helpful to understand different types of equipment.


· General mechanical skills are essential.

· Management training

· Math and computer knowledge are requirements for position.

· Lab and waste-water experience and background are helpful.

· Bilingual important, but not mandatory as long as translators are present.