Dean Foods Company Quality Assurance Manager in Greeley, Colorado

Job Description & RequirementsThe Quality Manager is responsible for safeguarding product safety and qualitywhile meeting Company and regulatory standards, and has oversightresponsibility for a continuous quality improvement program that includesquality control and quality assurance. This person is responsible for ensuringthat the production and distribution of products meets or exceeds all qualitystandards. This person also has responsibility for communicating qualityresults and the transfer of quality and QA knowledge to the workforce.* Manages the operation of the plant laboratory, including ensuring suppliesand equipment are available.* Ensures product safety, regulatory compliance, and compliance withcompany standards as stated in the Quality Assurance Manual, LaboratoryManual, and Company directives.* Drives Continuous Improvement efforts in product quality/performance andprocess optimization.* Provides leadership in coaching, education and training of managementstaff and plant employees for Quality Assurance; seeks assistance as neededfrom other Dean Foods training resources.* Develops, facilitates and maintains the Milk and Juice HACCP program.* Provides Customer inputs into iCiX as required, and views/monitorsSupplier iCiX postings to ensure all SQF audit requirements are met.* Implements and maintains all Dean Foods quality systems (i.e. SQF 2000).* Reviews all product labels used in the facility and ensures adherence toregulatory and Company standards.* Maintains or ensures the maintenance of the Dean Foods Nutritional DatabaseSystem for the facility.* Ensures adherence to appropriate regulations and Company standards for rawmilk quality.* Supervises the appropriate chemical, bacteriological, sensory andutilization tests on raw materials and pasteurized products.* Communicates quality metric and inspection results to appropriate managersand others in leadership positions i ncluding, but not limited to daily,weekly or monthly KPI reporting to Corporate.* Ensures that proper sanitation procedures are utilized and that adequatesanitation tests are performed; provides "troubleshooting" efforts inthe event of sanitation system failure.* Develops and maintains documentation of all required quality tests andactivities.* Assists the Plant Manager in managing local, state, customer/thirdparty, and federal audits and inspections.* Is responsible for expense management and control, including labor and"Cost of Quality" utilizing Continuous Improvement techniques and aManagement Operating Structure (MOS).* Ensures adherence to all contract packaging quality requirements.* Cooperates in a cross-functional manner as a change agent with alldepartments within the Company.* Leads by example with the Dean Foods Code of Ethics. This includes followingCompany policies, standards and specifications.* Engages in the typical responsibilities of a manager requiring planning,evaluating, organizing, integrating and delegating.* Performs other duties as assigned.Job Requirements:* High school diploma or equivalent is required* Bachelor's degree in a science-based area of study is preferred.* A minimum of 2 years of supervisory experience in dairy plant or foodindustry operations is required.* Must be able to flavor milk based, sugar based, and caffeine based products* Possesses a working knowledge of sanitation systems, techniques andprocedures.* Familiarity with Good Manufacturing Practices.* Union (for union facilities), Safety, and Workers Compensationexperience preferred.* Experience leading and following Safety/Security Policies and Procedures.* Ability to follow all Sanitation and Quality Policies and Procedures, andreport and follow through on any deficiencies.* Ability to follow Continuous Improvement (CI) Processes in theManagement Operating Structure (MOS).* Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and computer-based applications.* Excellent verbal/written communication skills.* Ability to adapt to changing organizational and operationa