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Super Bird Creations Production Technician in Grand Junction, Colorado

Job Title: Production TechnicianWage: 12.25 per hourSchedule: M - F, 8:00 am - 4:30 pmSummaryProduction Technicians work throughout the production department performing avariety of tasks to ensure that product quality and customer serviceexpectations are met. Production Technicians report directly to theProduction Coordinator.Key Responsibilities - General Shift work-Follow a daily assignment sheet-Complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner-Communicate openly with the production coordinator if you have any questionsor concerns about your daily assignments Quality Assurance-Inspect outgoing product for cosmetic defects and safety concerns-Assemble product according to specifications-Package product according to specifications-Label product according to specification-Notify the production coordinator if poor-quality product is discovered Inventory Management-Perform all counting tasks accurately-Log all counts accurately-Update inventory documentation in a timely manner-Return unused product to assigned locations and update associateddocumentation-Store completed product in assigned location and update associateddocumentation-Notify the production coordinator if an inventory discrepancy is discovered-Notify the production coordinator if inventory shortages are discovered-Assist with all inventory counts and reconciliations Facility Management-Maintain a well-organized, clean workstation that is free of safety hazards-Maintain unobstructed pathways and exits-Assist in weather-related preparations of the building and parking lot-Comply with scheduled and unscheduled cleaning tasks-Store all product in the designated location at all times Safety-Follow all manual handling safety protocols at all times-Use mechanical lifts for every task specified in the safety protocols-Refuse to do a task if you believe you have insufficient safety training-Operate all tools and machinery as specified in the safety protocols-Wear PPE as required by the safety protocols-Contribute to a "Safety First" workplace by following and remindingcoworkers of safety protocols at all times-Report any safety concerns immediately to the production coordinator-Maintain a responsible attitude towards the safety of workspace and coworkersKey Responsibilities - Production Technician Specific Bag and Box Station - mandatory for all production technicians-Inspect incoming Home Assembly batches for quality assurance standards-Count and record the quantity of incoming Home Assembly batches-Package and label incoming Home Assembly batches according to protocol-Store packaged product in the designated area at all times-Maintain accurate inventory documentation at all times List Station - mandatory for all assembly technicians-Complete various tasks to prepare toys for outgoing orders In-house Build Station - mandatory for all production technicians-Assemble toys and/or toy parts according to protocols-Follow all training and safety rules when using equipment-Update and maintain current and accurate inventory documentation Cart Order Station - mandatory for all production technicians-Pull the correct quantity and product to fill cart orders-Perform quality assurance inspection on all product pulled-Package and label pulled product accurately-Communicate with the production coordinator if an order cannot be filled Home Assembly Station - mandatory for all production technicians-Pull raw material to create out-going Home Assembly batches-Perform quality insurance inspection on all material pulled-Sign out Home Assembly batches-Sign in Home Assembly batches-Communicate with Home Assemblers as needed Shipping Station - mandatory for all production technicians-Pull Product to fill Super Bird Orders-Preform quality assurance inspection on all product pulled-Box Super Bird orders for shipment-Box Cart orders for shipment-Itemize box content of all shipments-Record DIM data of all shipments-Obtain shipping quotes from various shipping carriers using on-line programs-Recei