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Moog Inc. Spacecraft QA Engineer in Golden, Colorado

MOOG Space and DefenseSpacecraft QA EngineerMoog New Space produces spaceflight and military hardware solutions,integrating vehicle design, component design and engineering services foraerospace, scientific, commercial and military customers on fourcontinents. From proposal phase to ground testing, launch and on-orbitoperations, we support each mission as scientific, technical andoperational facilitators.The Quality Engineer has sole responsibility for the planning,implementation, and administration of cost effective Quality Programs toassure that a system is in place which will meet or exceed contractual qualityrequirements and provide the required level of protection to Moog and itsCustomers. The Quality Engineer must assure optimum utilization of manpowerresources in achievement of corporate and divisional production objectives.NATURE AND SCOPE OF THE POSITION:This position reports to the Supervisor of Quality Engineering along withSenior Quality Engineers, Quality Engineering Technicians, QualityEngineering Secretary, and the Material Review Board Coordinator. Theincumbent, under general supervision, will have latitude for unrevieweddecision making and action.Since the Moog product line is highly competitive in product, price, andservice support, Quality Engineering decisions and efforts are expected toinfluence a cost effective Quality System which complies with customer,government, and regulatory agency requirements. In addition, inspectionplanning and engineering analysis is focused on variation reduction, therebyimproving productivity, in process yield and efficiency of fabricationactivities. It is within the following overall framework that the incumbentfunContract Compliance:Before a contract is awarded, the Quality Engineer will prepare qualityassurance proposals and related cost estimates. At this time the QualityEngineer will examine the contractual requirements, determine compliance orif exceptions will be taken, and plan for the flow-down of theserequirements internal and external to Moog. Upon contract award, the QualityEngineer will participate in design reviews and makes input to the designprocess based upon contractual knowledge, knowledge of statisticalmethods, knowledge of computer software development and controls,knowledge of manufacturing, assembly, measurement, and test processes.The Quality engineer uses his experience in related development and productionintegrate the lessons learned into the new design.Through the development phase of the program, the Quality Engineer isresponsible for a variety of activities including statisticalexperimentation, coordination with Reliability Engineering and Customersregarding qualification issues, conformity inspections, and finalreporting. Through lessons learned in the development and qualificationphase, the Quality Engineer prepares for the production phase of the programby conducting quality engineering studies, recommending design changes,and optimizing production fabrication techniques. Activities include;Failure analysis, material review, customer and government interface,audit support, configuration control, traceability, and contamination control.Inspection Planning:The Quality Engineer must draw upon his/her knowledge of statistical methodsand fabrication processes to develop inspection plans for receivinginspection, manufacturing operations, assembly and test processes, andfinal inspection for programs in the development or production phases. Sincethese inspection operations are performed by production personnel, theQuality Engineer must use creative approaches to assure inspection plans areoptimum in terms of providing the maximum protection with the leastexpenditure of manpower. The Quality Engineer must integrate these inspectionplans into receiving inspection instructions, manufacturing operationsheets, AandT worksheets, and other documentation used at Moog.The inspection plans available to the Quality Engineer include 100%inspection, sampling insp