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Sierra Nevada Corporation Supplier Program Manager II in Englewood, Colorado

The Supplier Program Manager will lead a team of direct reports, indirectreports and any matrixed personnel. The SPM is responsible for total supplierperformance, total materials budget, and all subcontracts, agreementsand orders on given major programs or portions of programs as wellestablishing comprehensive material business plans, forecasts andstrategies. The SPM will have a team of direct reports to lead and manage infacilitation of the positions responsibilities. The SPM and his/her teamwill ensure timely and accurate completion of all cost, schedule,technical, legal and contractual efforts defined in the agreements betweeneach supplier and SNC and/or its subsidiaries.At SNC's ISR, Aviation and Security (IAS) team we are a leading mannedand unmanned aircraft systems integrator for high-performance intelligence,surveillance and reconnaissance, and aviation systems. IAS tailors solutionsto customer cost, performance, and schedule requirements and designs toconsistently exceed expectations and provide a turnkey approach to enable ourcustomers to focus on their mission.PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:Leading a team in managing and facilitating suppliers program execution andidentifying, mitigating and resolving risks/issues as well as facilitatingsupplier performance in a supplier management team environment.Leading supplier portion of program execution with special focus on maximizingprofit generation, costs savings, sales goal achievement and new businesswins where suppliers are critical probability of a win.Developing, maintaining and reporting of supplier portion ofaircraft/product cost model that includes Non-Recurring Engineering,Prototypes, Qualification, Certification, Production and Sustainment costsPartnering with the Program Office, Engineering, Operations and BusinessManagement in developing/establishing a program material budget and scheduleand then execute within that plan. Within constructs of the execution plan,lead a team in managing and facilitating all relevant supplier's programexecution and identifying, mitigating and resolving risks/issues to ensureall work products meet cost, schedule and technical requirements.Leading a team in providing proposal support to SNC proposal team to ensuresupplier inputs and supplier proposals line up with objectives of SNCproposals to the customers.Leading a team in development, maintenance and updates of supplierrequirements including subcontract structure, specifications, interfacecontrol documents, software requirement documents, testplans/procedures, quality requirements, Statements of Work (SOWs),terms and conditions, payment terms, milestone payment plans, data andhardware deliverable requirements, and project/deliverable schedules.Leading a team in managing, storing and evaluating all data deliverables forcompliance/completeness and leading approval of these data deliverables incoordination with operations, engineering, quality and the program officeLeading a team in analyzing critical cost, technical and schedule aspects ofproposals paying special attention to price and any exceptions to terms, theSOW, the Spec or any other key requirements: then establish negotiationtargets with PM and engineering teams with prioritized list of cost,schedule and technical requirements to trade to meet targets.Leading a team in evaluating supplier performance regularly using methods suchas site visits, program reviews, various objective performancemeasurements, milestone achievement criteria, project schedule tracking,earned value tracking, risk burn down tracking, specification/SOWTBD/TBR tracking and other methods as needed.Determining, establishing and maintaining routine reporting requirements forrelevant performance metrics.Developing and maintaining key chart deck of supplier management plans withregular status reporting of progress against the plan to program and corporateleadership teams.Leading a team in placing, administering, issuing change orders andclosing out subc