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T-Mobile USA, Inc. Assoc Sales Engineer, Solutions Support in Englewood, Colorado

Associates are subject matter experts in specific solution verticals andsupport customers, sales, and solution engineers via pre-salesconsultations, deployments, enablement, troubleshooting and debugging,and lifecycle. Associates leverage their technical expertise within theirsolution vertical to assist peers and collaborate across product verticals.Associates work with customers, vendors and peers to ensure the bestpossible customer experience by leveraging a high-level of technical acumen,a strong understanding of customer management and soft-skills, and theability to create plans of action with clearly defined tasks and executables.ResponsibilitiesInbound Customer Queue Management -Will be responsible for receiving inboundcalls, chats, emails, and tickets directly from sales, solutionengineers, and customers. Is responsible for managing and resolving theseissues in a professional manner as defined by process and expectations. Isexpected to leverage their knowledge and skills to resolve complex customerissues with minimal outside engagement, internal or external to the team. Documentation - Will be expected to document all work completed in theapproved databases, forms, and customer communications as defined byprocess. Documentation will need to be kept up to date and information enteredin real-time for all issues and projects the individual is working on. Willtake ownership of the quality and accuracy of documentation they produce anddata they enter. Is responsible for reporting and submittingrepair/improvement requests to management regarding current documentation,processes, and tools. Troubleshooting and Debugging - Will be responsiblefor troubleshooting highly complex issues that may or may not have definedresolution steps, working to resolve customer issues in a timely manner. Isexpected to escalate issues per defined technical tiers and process. Will berequired to communicate updates, resolution steps and information tocustomers, leadership, and additional stakeholders in a clear,concise, and professional manner. Pre-Sales Consultations, Deployment,Enablement and Lifecycle - Will be responsible for working directly with bothinternal and external customers in a Pre-Sales consultancy capacity,managing complex product deployments, supporting ongoing customer productenablement and managing overall customer lifecycle. Is expected to followdesignated process when completing these tasks and is expected to engageadditional internal and external resources promptly to ensure the bestpossible customer experience and drive customer and company success. NetworkAssessments - Is expected to produce internal and external documents asoutlined by process and templated via PowerPoint and Excel. Must be able toanalyze data and make accurate assessments of expected user experience on theT-Mobile network. Must be able to balance production requirements while stillmeeting other job responsibilities. Must be open to receiving direct feedbackand management regarding execution of Assessments as it relates to quality andproduction metrics. May be responsible for providing Quality Assurance checksper process and providing design and development input to leadership regardingnetwork assessments. Project/Program Management - Is expected toparticipate in and lead projects as assigned by management and complete theirrequired tasks on-time and with minimal direction. Will be tasked withmultiple projects both technical and non-technical in nature and are expectedto execute these projects while staying current on all other jobresponsibilities. Will need to collaborate with others in a professional andproductive manner that supports project outcomes. Will be responsible forproviding accurate project/program updates to leadership. Training andCertification - Is expected to complete all assigned trainings and achievecertifications as assigned by management per the defined Training andCertification path for Associates. Will be expected to complete