Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation Regional Service Trainer / Adjustor (Denver) - US_901745_ET_ in Denver, Colorado

Your responsibilitiesthyssenkrupp Elevator Americas is currently seeking a Regional Service Trainer/ Adjuster in the Southwest Region. Essential duties and responsibilities:Use periods of high concentration and knowledge of elevator systems tomanually assemble, install, maintain, and update major elevatorcomponents including rails, pit and hoist way equipment, car andcounterweight assemblies and machine room equipment. Requires lifting partsweighing up to 100 pounds.Manually wire, install, maintain, and update small elevator componentincluding roller guides, door track and linkages and the hall buttons andlanterns. Requires color perception to distinguish color-coded wiring andcompoMonitor and analyze functioning of motion or operation controls to tracecircuits, troubleshoot, and adjust motion profiles, and other relatedactivities to better understand system and a component workings.Perform preventative maintenance tasks including visually inspecting andmanually cleaning and lubricating elevator systems and components withnon-climate controlled field settings.Ensure the safe performance of all work in accordance with safety standardsand policies to protect the health and welfare of self and others.Receive and orally answer all trouble calls and callbacks at any time ofday/night and on weekends.Work at heights on surfaces that require good equilibrium.Your profileIUEC card and mechanic's license.Knowledge of thyssenkrupp equipment, processes, and experience inmentorship and field training.Extensive knowledge of elevator and escalator repair and service.Minimum of 10 years in the industry.Known safety leader from peers.High percentage of travel.RequirementsRequires ability to understand general arithmetic, speak and write in aclear and understandable manner for internal/external relations;understand difficult verbal or written instructions; successfully completeall required NEIEP courses and mechanic examinations; knowledge ordinarilyacquired through high school plus up to one year of college, technicalschool or equivalent experience; May be required to obtain and maintainlicense or certification in accordance to local codes.Requires a relatively high degree of concentration and attentionintermittently to wire, install, maintain and update elevator componentsapproximately 75% of the time. Mental effort and concentration follow byother aspects of the job with the lesser concentration and attentionrequirements. Requires ability to perform administrative duties such as datagathering and submitting written reports.Requires walking/standing approximately 80%, sitting approximately 20%and lifting up to 100 pounds approximately 50% of the time; involvesrepetitive stopping, forward bending, and crouching approximately 70% ofthe time; involves travel up to 95% of the time.Requires the ability of performing essential job functions in field settingwith exposure to non-climate controlled conditions.Requires the use of hands, arms and feet for repetitive lifting; use ofhands and arms to operate various hand and power tools and to record writteninformation; requires capability to operate an automobile.Requires the ability to verbally communicate; requires ability to observeessential functions for satisfactory job performance; color perceptionsnecessary to distinguish color coded wiring schemes.As provided for under Article XXII, Par. 1 of the labor agreement, theCompany has been unable to fill this position with available experiencedemployees on referral applicable IUEC Local Union within whose jurisdictionthe position is available.VEVRAA Federal ContractorRequest Priority Protected Veteran ReferralsEOE -Veteran /Disabled/Minority/AA/F/M/SO