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National Jewish Health Lab Researcher- Genomics in Denver, Colorado

Position SummaryThe position is responsible for planning, developing, executing,monitoring and testing high level, technically-demanding genomic sequencingtechniques and investigative procedures under the direction of a PrincipalInvestigator or Lab Manager.Essential DutiesDevelops new cellular, molecular, and/or genomic techniques andinvestigative procedures, including novel scientific procedures,computer/robotic programming techniques, and/or data reporting techniques.Monitors quality control of procedures, experiments, general laboratoryactivities, sample tracking, and/or the use of research animals or humansubject samples in the laboratory setting.Performs specialized, complex, and technically demanding laboratoryfunctions including, but not limited to robotics, gene expressionprofiling, genomics, next generation sequencing, epigenomicstechnologies, CRISPR-Cas9 technology, scRNA-seq, and/or CITE-seq.Develops and performs novel NGS assays, including but not limited to newmethodology for sample preparation, genomic/epigenomic modification,library build, or sequencing.Provides general guidance to laboratory staff, including technicians,support and auxiliary staff. Acts as a leader for laboratory programs andstaff in assigned areas.Demonstrates enhanced proficiency in data analysis, sample tracking,extraction and sample preparation procedures, programming and analysissystems.Prepares statistical tabulations using advanced analysis programs and tools.Oversees supply functions, inventory control, equipment use andmaintenance, and animal care and ordering, as needed.Maintains compliance with all institutional / safety training requirements.Maintains laboratory records, supplies, samples in an organized manner(such as a laboratory notebook and sample storage record).Acts a liaison to other department personnel, outside investigators, andvendors.Designs and performs routine and non-routine tests leading to the successfulcompletion of developed experiments.CompetenciesAccountability: Accepts full responsibility for self and contribution as ateam member; displays honesty and truthfulness; confronts problemsquickly; displays a strong commitment to organizational success and inspiresothers to commit to goals; demonstrates a commitment to National JewishHealth.Laboratory Knowledge: Demonstrates and understands laboratory testing andmethodology.Decision Quality: Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis,wisdom, experience, and judgement. Sought out by others for advice andsolutions.Adaptability: Maintains effectiveness in the midst of change in workresponsibilities or environment, requirements ambiguity, or stress.Problem Solving: Uses issue identification, data relation andcomparison, pattern recognition and information gathering to create analysesand make recommendations.Informing/Communicating: Conveys ideas, responses, or instructionseffectively, appropriately, and persuasively through writing or speech.Professional Relationships: Interacts with others in a constructive,positive, and respectful manner, regardless of individual differences.Assists team members or co-workers in achieving personal goals and completingassignments.Drive for Excellence: Consistently meets performance expectations, ensuresthat accurate, objective, and timely measures of quality are made and used.Innovation Management: Identifies key trends, opportunities, andorganizational capabilities that would bring competitive advantage to theorganization. Sees trends before others and integrates concepts in a uniquewaMinimum QualificationsEducationBS /BA Degree in Molecular Biology or related field required. Master'sDegree in a molecular biology field is advantageous.Work Experience1-2 years of Genomics-based Laboratory Experience required, and at least 2years experience in a laboratory setting orA Master's Degree and some genomics laboratory experience may besubstituted for the required 1-2 years of Genomics-based laboratory workexperience.Special Tra