Visser Precision Cast LLC Director Of Engineering in Denver, Colorado

Director of Engineering (Denver, CO) - Work with the casting team tohelp continue the advancement of amorphous metal casting. Apply engineeringsolutions to the technical casting problems in order to increase the overalltrajectory of casting. Develop new IP in order to implement continuousimprovement. Advance the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation andmodel accuracy. Develop revolutionary building strategies as well as providingcustomers with appropriate Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategicguidance to ensure the technology is used in an efficient and appropriatemanner. Evaluate potential parts as well as working with the manufacturingteam to build parts that are going to be easily post processed. Implement theDFM concept in order to successfully execute the construction on machines andthereafter, training technologists how to complete this task. Evaluate otheradditive technologies and staying ahead of the market place to assist inguiding future capital purchases.Requirements include Master's degree in Science, Mechanical Engineering,Flow & Simulation, or related; and 3 years experience as a ProjectManager, Design Engineer, or related which must include some experiencewith Amorphous Metal and Additive Manufacturing; quality systemsimplementation; evaluating parts for different advanced manufacturingstrategies; material characterization; automation and software monitoringtechnology; advanced computer aided modeling; and simulation developmentand qualification.Contact: Carrie Daniels.