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AECOM Technical Services, Inc. Civil/Geotechnical Engineer in Denver, Colorado

Civil/Geotechnical Engineer needed by AECOM Technical Services, Inc. inDenver, CO to assess and predict mechanisms of ground movements and theireffect on overlying structures. Characterize and develop an understanding ofadvanced aspect of soil behavior through in-situ testing, field monitoringand laboratory testing to undertake quantitative analysis of the data obtainedon the field. Understand the background of mechanics and methods ofinterpretation of SPT, CPT, plate, vane shear and pressure meter in-situtesting techniques. Have an in-depth understanding of how pore water pressuresmay be measured in the field, considering a range of piezometer designs anda quantitative understanding of potential sources of measurement error such astime lag and gas diffusion. Have a quantitative grasp of the problemsencountered in designing and conducting tests, including potential errors instresses, strains and pore pressures. Apply knowledge on merits and pitfallsof practical applications of sample preparation, specimen reconstitution andapparatus setup on samples collected, including but not limited to triaxialtesting, oedometer, ring shear, direct shear, among other procedures.Understand the boundary conditions for analysis imposed by geotechnicaltesting. Select appropriate strength parameters and soil stiffness in the roleof geomorphology based on stress-strain, shear strength, brittle soilbehavior and pore water conditions in slope failures. Apply knowledge on thecritical state framework of soil behavior, its advantages and limitations.Demonstrate pore water pressure distributions (hydrostatic and seepagerelated cases) and relate them to effective stresses. Calculatepermeabilities from well tests in steady and non-steady state conditions,have an appreciation of permeability in 3 dimensions, and be able todetermine flow paths using finite differences. Understand the mechanics ofconsolidation and be able to predict the time taken for consolidation wheredrains are used. Distinguish between the various methods of slope stabilityanalysis and apply the appropriate method to assess the stability of slopesunder short-term and long-term conditions. Evaluate 1D settlements usingelastic solutions. Understand the principles of wave propagation, facets ofsoil behavior under dynamic loading and apply them in soil slopes underseismic loading and the sliding block methodologies. Evaluate the liquefactionpotential using a range of methodologies and understand the mitigationmeasures. Understand the effect of fabric on the response of consolidatedsoils, especially in expansive and collapsible soils. Perform a siteresponse analysis using analytical and numerical approaches of earthstructures. Perform Elasto-Plastic constitutive models in terms of resultingpredictions from finite element analyses. Plan and manage geotechnical worksand contract administration. Prepare geotechnical engineering reports andrecommendations. Review regulations and standards necessary to conducttechnical studies and carry out project design and permitting work. Prepareand/or peer review technical designs, specifications, and constructiondocuments. Assemble and document geotechnical data using software thatincludes: Excel, Word, Gint, GeoStudio, AutoCAD, and MicroStation.Apply QA/QC requirements to their own work and work of project team. Manageand lead project assignments, including technical, financial, and clientsatisfaction areas using consistent processes and tools. Perform technicalwriting including written reports. Provide presentations to clients. Work withplanning/evaluation, design and construction teams in regard to tailingsdams and water storage dams.MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Requires a Master's degree, or foreign equivalentdegree in Geotechnical Engineering or Civil Engineering and 4 years ofexperience in the job offered, or 4 years of experience in tailings dams;and using Excel, Word, Gint, GeoStudio, AutoCAD, and MicroStation.CONTACT: To apply, email resumes to Lisa Ye