Birdon America Inc./ NAMJet LLC Aluminum Welders/Fabricators in Denver, Colorado

Birdon America recently procured a large US Army contract to replace thecurrent fleet of Bridge Erection Boats (BEB) for the army. Birdon willinitially build 31 BEB's in the Denver facility. Once complete, Birdonexpects an order from the Army of an additional 350 BEB's. Birdon's sistercompany, NAMJet, is a leading supplier of technologically advancedcommercial and military workboat marine water jet propulsion systems. Wedesign, manufacture and service systems, components and provide integratedsolutions for commercial and military workboats, water jet propulsion andother platforms. NAMJet's are the specified water jets for the BEB. NAMJetand Birdon America have co-located to our new Denver facility.This is an outstanding opportunity to join a highly successful companyrecently relocated to Denver where you will be working in state of the art,modern facilities. NAMJet was recently named in the top 100 US companies byMarine News ( August 2014 edition).This is not assembly line welding, you will be exposed to something newevery day! We are working on a long term contract with plenty of overtime(up to 45 hour workweeks if desired).Fabricators\Welders required with advanced knowledge of work methods,techniques, materials and tools used in metal fabrication and highlyexperienced in welding of aluminum and stainless steel parts. Must be capableof executing welds in all positions. Must be able to read drawings andblueprints. EXPERIENCE IN TIG AND/OR MIG ALUMINUM WELDING IS ESSENTIAL.Excellent wages and conditions on offer to suitable candidates. Drug Testingis required.Wages depending on experience.