Peraton Sr. Mechanical Engineer - PATRAN/ ABAQUS (Active Clearance) in Colorado Springs, Colorado

OverviewWe are seeking a Mechanical Engineer to support our Navy DoD customerin research, development, testing, evaluation, and engineeringanalysis at our Colorado Springs, CO office.For more than 60 years, Peraton has supported our Navy Strategic SystemsPrograms (SSP) customer by performing research, development,analysis, modeling and simulation, and testing to assess weapon systemperformance and qualify weapon systems for normal and hostile environments. Weprovide support in the areas of programmatic and systems engineering,technical engineering, scientific analysis, and operational systemssupport for SSP's strategic reentry systems. We utilize both COTS andin-house developed software to deliver analysis results and software models ofreentry system and weapons effects to Navy SSP or their designee.ResponsibilitiesThe mechanical engineer will perform engineering analysis andcomputational modeling to evaluate the thermal, material, and structuralresponse behavior and performance of complex three dimensional systems. Thesuccessful candidate will conduct material and structural responsecalculations to assess weapon system performance subject to variousenvironments. Candidate will perform a wide range of tasks includingcalculations of material shock response, non-linear structural response,system tradeoff studies, and mechanical testing. Position will require theuse engineering simulation software, in particular finite element analysissolvers (i.e., ABAQUS, Nastran, LS-Dyna, etc.)Position will be responsible for the following:A. Support a team in the completion of hostile and normal environmentassessments of reentry systems using industry leading finite element analysissolvers.- Perform non-linear thermal and structural response calculations for reentrysystems.- Develop non-linear and user defined material models for metals and carboncomposites (thermal protection systems)- Perform material shock response calculations resulting from rapid heating orhigh pressure loading- Develop unique programs to accurately complete simulations and to interpretresults- Maintain Configuration Management of software programs using CMMI process- Perform Verification & Validation of simulation results* Correlate simulation results with component through system levelqualification tests* Define system level test parameters in support of the National Laboratories1.0Peer review planned test plans and test reports2.0Assist in the definition of test environments3.0Perform pre-test and post-test simulations to update computer models4.0Develop Technical Documentation and Briefings.a.Develop technical reports capturing assumptions, inputs, outputs, andassessmentsb.Develop Power Point presentationsc.Interface directly with the customer.d.Travel for meetings and customer interactions.QualificationsREQUIRED:* Bachelor's degree and 5+ years of related experience; a MS degree and3+ years of related experience, or a PHD and 0+ years of experience. Anadvanced degree is preferred and candidates with advanced degrees will begiven preference.* Experience performing linear and non-linear dynamic Finite Element Analysiswith application to thermally, dynamically, and mechanically loadedcomplex 3D mechanical systems* Experience modeling the behavior of metals and composite materials subjectto high temperatures and pressuresPREFERRED:* Experience with the following technologies: Matlab, Python, PATRAN,ABAQUS, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel* Ability to create unique code-to-code interfaces along with post processingroutines for model response analyses* Experience working within a team of motivated and highly-skilled engineersand scientists* Strong written and verbal communication skills* Ability to take initiative and manage detailed tasks within customer driventimelines* Ability to work independently or on a teamSECURITY CLEARANCE:This position requires the candidate to obtain and maintain a Top Secretsecurity clearance. In order to obtain a clearance, you need to