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Terracon Consultants, Inc. And Subsidiaries Laboratory Supervisor in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Job DescriptionGeneral Responsibilities:Responsible for coordinating or managing the activities of a Construction orGeotechnical materials laboratory (testing includes materials such assoils, aggregates, concrete, and asphalt). This includes ensuringthat the laboratory testing services are conducted in a safe manner andconsistent with company quality protocols, project requirements, and in atimely manner. Oversee or coordinate the training and utilization oflaboratory staff. Oversee or coordinate the maintenance and cleanliness ofthe laboratory and testing equipment.Essential Roles and Responsibilities:Provides supplemental operating policies and procedures unique to thelaboratory to ensure that the testing services are accomplished consistentwith Terracon's quality protocol and in an orderly and efficient manner.Assists Department Management during preparation of proposals and costestimates for laboratory testing services to ensure a proper scoping ofservices, availability of manpower, and appropriate pricing to render aprofit.Ensures that laboratory personnel are properly trained, supervised andequipped with the necessary tools and equipment to ensure their personalsafety in the office and laboratory.With oversight from Department Management, supervises or monitors laboratoryactivities to ensure that the work is executed on time and in accordance withthe client and project requirements and within company policies, proceduresand standards.Ensures that laboratory processes and personnel adhere to the requirements ofthe company Quality program and the Construction Materials Quality ManagementSystem (QMS).Evaluates the performance of all employees within the laboratory and assiststhem in their professional development and growth, consistent with companypolicies and procedures.Supervises the efficient utilization of facilities and equipment assigned tohis or her area and makes requests for additional equipment and facilities asneeded to meet the client's demands.Oversees calibration and maintenance of the laboratory equipment.Ensures the proper organization and appearance of the laboratory area forwhich he/she is responsible, including keeping the area and equipmentclean and uncluttered.Provides assistance to the Department Manager, directs the short-rangebusiness development activities of laboratory personnel to ensure thatadequate fees are available to support the manpower staffing levels.Directly supervises the administrative systems of the laboratory to ensurethat reports, proposals, and information required to serve the client areproperly prepared and reported.Ensures that laboratory personnel follow company administrative policies.Examples of such policies include, but are not limited to, time sheets,expense reports and purchase order requirements.With the assistance from the Department Manager, plans, recruits,selects and provides training for personnel in the department.Performs construction and geotechnical related laboratory testing.Develop understanding and be aware of project-related risk. Be familiar withwhat could go wrong on a project and how to protect the Company. Be familiarwith company risk policies.Lead safety efforts for team and ensure team follows safety rules andguidelines. Responsible for creating and modeling a safe work environment;demonstrates safety practices. Promote pre-task planning for all projects.Promote continuous quality monitoring and improvement on projects. Monitorquality standards and practices. Engage APRs on projects at theironset.Requirements:High school diploma or equivalent.Minimum 3 years' experience performing laboratory tests on construction andgeotechnical materials.Certification by qualified national, regional or state authorities (ACI,NICET, DOT) or in-house certification is required in areas such asconcrete, aggregates, soil and rock, or road and paving materials.Valid driver's license with acceptable violation history.About TerraconTerracon is a 100 percent employee