City of Lakewood Maintenance Specialist - Water and Sewer in City of Lakewood, Colorado

Maintenance Specialist - Water and Sewer



Maintenance Specialist - Water and Sewer


$39,665.60 - $46,072.00 Annually


City of Lakewood, CO

Job Type

Regular Full-Time


Department of Public Works

Job Number

Maint Spec W & S


5/31/2018 1:00 PM Mountain

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Job Summary

City of Lakewood's Statement of Excellence

The City of Lakewood is dedicated to upholding City values to include: Performance Excellence, Leadership, Respect and Collaboration. Best fit candidates will demonstrate innovation, customer service, dedication, passion and engagement. All people, citizens and employees, will be treated with respect, relevance, and importance.


Performs a variety of semi-skilled and unskilled manual duties for the Water and Sanitary Sewer Division. Work includes but is not limited to installing, inspecting and maintaining city assets; snow and ice control during winter months; year around on-call duties; responsible for maintaining and utilizing current working knowledge and technical skills applicable to the specific requirements of this position; Operates equipment and labors in the daily operation of maintenance crews in the Maintenance Division of Public Works.

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities

  • Labors and operates Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) van, jet/vac truck, loaders, dump trucks, snowplows, as well as other equipment for water and sanitary sewer work.

  • Assists with design, purchasing, scheduling and installing new pipe distribution systems.

  • Assists in repairing water and sewer breaks.

  • Asset Inventory

  • Reads and records meters.

  • Operates a variety of power hand tools and power-driven equipment such as jackhammers, air compressors, pumps, welding, forklifts, backhoes, trucks and various power equipment used in construction and maintenance work.

  • Assists in the installa­tion, mainte­nance and repair of water services, valves, mains, hydrants and meters.

  • Assists with system quality control.

  • Serves as a disaster service worker as directed.

  • Performs other maintenance duties as needed, including laboring on various crews, cleaning equipment, yard work and office functions.

  • Plows and sands City streets during winter months.

  • Trains and instructs new employees.

  • Adjusts, inspects, cleans and performs minor maintenance on vehicular and non-vehicular equipment.

  • Cleans and maintains tools; cleans work and shop area.

  • Performs physically arduous work outdoors.

  • Logs daily work activities and inspection records of City facilities.

  • Follows prescribed safety measures.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Must be able to interact with others in a positive manner.

  • Requires regular and prompt attendance.

  • Regularly participate in on-call services, including locates.

  • Must be able to respond in a timely fashion for on call services.

  • Responsible for the proper use and care (including preventive maintenance where applicable) of all Company property utilized in the performance of duties to assure safe and efficient operation; also responsible for reporting the need for repair on all such property to immediate supervisor; follows Company policies, rules and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook.


Interacts with citizens and others in a positive manner.


Supervision Received

Receives general supervision from the Maintenance Crew Leader and Maintenance Leadperson.

Supervision Given


Essential Qualifications


High school diploma or equivalent.


Two years experience with water and sanitary sewer maintenance operations.


Valid CDL Class B license with air brake endorsement.

Certified flag person.

Certified as skilled operator:

· Single axle dump trucks

· Tandem axle dump trucks

· Wheel loader

· Snowplows

· Vac/jet truck

· Backhoe

· Bobcat operations

· CCTV pipe inspection

Preferred Qualifications

· Service on division, department or city-wide committees.

· Completion of vocational or college-level courses.

· Completion of supervisory training.

· Completion of training in interpersonal skills.

· Completion of training in technical aspects of public works maintenance operations.

KSA's and Physical/Mental Reqs

· Ability to obtain Class 1 collection and/or class 1 distribution certification within one year of hire.

· Basic knowledge of and ability to use basic construction equipment/tools and displays a mechanical aptitude for utility construction.

· Ability to calmly and respectively communicate with stockholders and other members of the community when encountered.

· Working knowledge of proper water and wastewater works plumbing methods and techniques;

· working knowledge of light and some heavy equipment operating principles, practices

· and procedures; working knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions; working knowledge of minor equipment, maintenance and repair functions.

· Skill in the operation of a variety of light and some heavy equipment; skill in operating a

· variety of hand tools.

· Knowledge of health and safety rules and regulations.

· Ability to work under adverse conditions.

· Ability to follow written and oral instructions; ability to establish and maintain effective

· working relationships with other employees and the public.

· Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

· Ability to work effectively as a team member.

· Ability and willingness to perform any and all tasks required to complete work projects, including general laboring.

· Ability to work and be productive without constant supervision.

· Ability to serve as positive role model to other employees.

· Ability to maintain a businesslike attitude, placing priority on providing services to Lakewood citizens.

· Ability to work snowshifts and other emergency situations, demonstrated reliability.

· Ability to work safely, and set up safe work zones.

· Post-offer physical examination is required.

· Skills in the operation of the following hand tools:

  • Jackhammer

  • Cutting torch

  • Power saw

  • Electric welder

  • Pumps

  • Shovels

  • Picks



Lifting and Carrying

Must lift items from levels that include: floor level or from below the knee; knee through chest level and above the shoulder level that may weigh in excess of 100 pounds. Items to be lifted may include, but are not limited to, rocks, oil bags, manhole rings, metal and plastic pipe, concrete bags, animal carcasses etc. Items in excess of 100 pounds will be lifted from all levels using mechanical or second person lift assistance. Items to be lifted above shoulder level weighing in excess of 50 pounds, require mechanical or second person assistance.

Body Positions

Required positions may include awkward postures as well as standing, walking, sitting, bending, kneeling, pinching, gripping, crouching, reaching, climbing, balancing, crawling, and twisting. Will stand and move about on both even and uneven terrain.

Must use high force to manipulate equipment and valves.

Motions can be repetitive, e.g., when raking and/or shoveling.

Sitting to operate equipment and drive between jobs.

Carrying, Maneuvering, Pushing, Pulling

May manipulate (push, pull or carry) items weighing in excess of 100 pounds with assistance as described below. Must be able to carry items distances of plus/minus 25 feet. Items to be manipulated include raking and shoveling asphalt, electric tools, rocks/drainage maintenance, pull swing gate, jack hammer (70 and 90 pound weight) and manhole covers. The following are examples of items to be manipulated weighing in excess of 100 pounds where manipulation should only be performed using mechanical or second person lift assistance: jumping jack compactor, boulders, sander plates, full roll petromat, concrete pipe and inlet grates.

Will constantly manipulate (push, pull, twist) a variety of tools.


Must be able to hear and respond to in person communication. Must also hear radio transmissions, pagers, back-up alarms and telephones.


Uses vision for reading and depth perception, for excavating tasks, awareness of equipment in surroundings, driving, surveying and performing traffic control.



Must have basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, algebra and formula-solving skills.

Language Ability

Good written and verbal communication skills.


Must remember repair techniques, CDL inspection requirements, equipment operation, snow routes, street directions and instructions given.


Must make safety- related decisions when operating equipment, performing job tasks, setting up traffic control and plowing and sanding streets.


Physical conditions may be uncomfortable or unpleasant and include exposure to noxious fumes, gases, loud noises, severe vibrations, smog, hot tar and asphalt, dust, chemical agents, and proximity to moving vehicles as well as working in traffic.

Most work is performed out of doors, under all weather conditions, in and around the City's Public Works facilities.

Frequent contact with employees in the unit.

Work involves dealing with citizens who may become upset.

Work load may be heavy.

Lakewood's nearly 1,000 employees enjoy competitive pay and exceptional benefits, including insurance for:

  • medical

  • dental

  • vision

  • life

  • disability

We also emphasize a work-life balance, minimal bureaucracy, and the satisfaction of helping make Lakewood a great place to work and live. All regular employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program. Police employees have additional mental health benefits.

The benefits add up to an overall work experience that inspires quality employees to turn jobs into careers. The City of Lakewood provides bike racks and private showers at City Hall to encourage emission-free commuting and offers a robust wellness program and free membership to City recreation centers. On-site professional development and flexible work schedules show employees how valued they are.

Recent employee trainings included topics such as developing coaching skills, effective time management, improving basic software proficiency, conflict management and tailored customer service skills, and group communication and understanding using the Myers-Briggs personality profile.



If you proceed through the interview, criminal background check, and contingent job offer processes for this position you will be given detailed instructions on how to schedule the required post-offer physical examination that will determine your ability to perform the essential physical functions of the position. There will be no charge to you for this exam and you will work directly with the local medical provider to schedule your examination.

We strive to make this process as efficient as possible and if you are moved to this phase of the process we appreciate anything you can do to schedule your appointment as soon as you are directed to do so.

Thank you in advance.


Do you have a valid drivers license and a good driving record?

  • Yes

  • No


If you are not a Colorado resident are you willing to relocate?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I am a resident of Colorado


Are you able to work 12 hour shifts during emergency conditions (snow removal) on short notice?


Do you have a high school diploma or GED equivelant?

  • Yes

  • No


Do you have a valid CDL class B with brake endorsement? This is a requirement, applicants without this license will not be considered for hire.

  • Yes

  • No


Do you have all the necessary licensure/certifications/registrations required (you may be required to provide proof)?

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  • No

    Required Question


City of Lakewood (CO)


480 S. Allison Parkway

Lakewood, Colorado, 80226