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KBI Biopharma Scientist I/II Cell Line Development in Boulder, Colorado

There is an exciting opportunity in the cell line development (CLD) groupto create the foundation of successful biologics production. The group isresponsible for creating cell lines used to manufacture recombinant proteinsin microbes. Within this Includes protein modeling for sequence liabilitiesand mutation design, host strain development and transfection of plasmidswith hosts and screening various strains for recombinant protein expression.Primary responsibilities of the Scientist include transfecting microbial celllines (particularly E Coli) with plasmids encoding recombinant protein ofinterest and assaying transfected cell lines for recombinant proteinexpression. (i.e. by batch or fed-batch fermentation at small scale.)Additional responsibilities could be designing and / or executing genomicmicrobial modifications or plasmid modifications. The Scientist should beproficient in standard protein analysis and molecular biology protocols forachieving these tasks. A working knowledge of unit operations for proteinexpression and purification, especially fermentation, is important forinteraction with upstream and downstream process development groups.Experience modeling proteins or structure visualizations is a plus. TheScientist is responsible for executing laboratory experiments with minimal tono supervision, authoring protocols and reports with minimal oversite, andreviewing and interpreting data.Requirements:B.S. Degree in Biochemistry, synthetic biology, chemical engineering, orrelated area and 6 years work experience (or equivalent combination ofeducation and experience.) Actual position will commensurate withcandidate's qualifications.KBI Biopharma, Inc. is an EEO/AA employer and actively seeks to diversifyits work force. Therefore, all qualified applicants, regardlessof race, color, national origin, religion, gender, genderidentity, sexual orientation, age, disability or Vietnam veteranstatus, are strongly encouraged to apply.