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Netapp Director SW Engineering in Boulder, Colorado

Job Summary As a Director of Software Engineering you will utilize strong managementand technical competencies to set objectives and develop strategies for theSoftware Engineering group. As a creative, pragmatic and collaborativeengineering leader, you will help us build our Manageability portfolio. Youwill work with cross-functional teams, subordinate level managers andEngineering professionals to evolve and develop product, user experience andtechnical capabilities through customer-centric processes and by leading withvision. These committed teams develop enhancements to existing products, aswell as develop new products. As part of the Research and Developmentfunction, the overall focus of the group is on competitive market andcustomer requirements, technology advances, product quality, productcost and time-to-market. Job Responsibilities * Build and lead our design and engineering teams. * Establish the vision and mission for your organization. * Be responsible for the organization s technical strategy and roadmap. * Design, develop, implement and manage operating policies and plansthat ensure the operations effective achievement of strategy, roadmap andobjectives. * Work collaboratively with other managers and senior managers toestablish strategic plans and objectives. * Participate in corporate development of methods, techniques andevaluation criteria for projects, programs and people within your area ofresponsibility. * Develop budgets for approval and assure adherence once budget isapproved. * Utilize previously acquired technical, project management, andpeople management experience to actively lead strategic regional and globalprojects. * Control of planning, staffing, budgeting, and managing expenses. * Direct and control the activities of a group with significantcontent, product and/or project outcomes. * Mentor the professional development of each direct report, managersand senior ICs, through personal and performance management. * Build strong relationships with customer teams and actively understand.and. partner with them as you build the best product. * Work alongside Product Management to help form our overall productvision, strategy, roadmap and success metrics with a focus on creating andmaintaining a holistic and positive customer experience. * Develop, evangelize and maintain Use Experience and User Interfacearchitecture vision to help development teams understand the desired future ofour products and features. Job Requirements * Experience leading teams through the full software development lifecycle including managing cross functional project teams (User Experience,Development, Quality and Automation). * Proven track record of hiring, growing and nurturing cohesive,high performing development teams. * Experience building system level, complex products in industrieslike storage, networking, virtualization, security, telecommunicationsor database systems. * Ability to work with customers, external partners, crossfunctional teams and internal partners and take customer-driven approach tobuild exceptional products. * Ability to collaborate with our business, product, engineering,design and research colleagues to discover new opportunities that benefitNetAp * Excellent oral and written communication skills are essential,especially presentation skills. * A deep understanding of how function relates to other functions andthe business as a whole. * An in-depth understanding of concepts related to computerarchitecture, data structures and programming practices. * Experience in software development. * Prior experience with developing budgets and controlling costs. * A demonstrated ability to manage professional level employees andcomplex projects. * A minimum of 7 to 10 years of experience as a people manager isrequired. * Demonstrated ability to manage multi