University of Colorado CIRES/SWPC Space Weather Scientist *Closes 7/31/2018* in Boulder, Colorado

The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) is seeking a full-time Associate Scientist or Research Scientist to work with the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). SWPC is involved in NOAA’s Commercial Weather Data Pilot (CWDP), which will assess the viability of commercial radio occultation data in SWPC’s space weather specifications and forecasts. Products derived from the radio occultation data include ionospheric total electron content, electron density profiles, scintillation amplitude, and scintillation phase. The goal of this effort is to compare the data products obtained from the commercial vendor-provided radio occultation satellites with ground-based and space-based environmental measurements, with output from SWPC’s numerical models, and to test the ingest of the vendor-provided products in SWPC’s models. The successful candidate will work with ateam at SWPC to acquire and manage the radio occultation data products from multiple vendors, acquire and manage data from numerous world-wide ground-based and space-based sources, compare the vendor-provided radio occultation products with environmental data and model output, and draft a report that addresses the viability of the commercial data for space weather products.


● Identify applicable data for comparison with the vendor data, establish links to data sources, and create repositories on a local database. Data sources include: radio occultation, ground-based ionospheric total electron content, ionosondes, and scintillation measurements.

● Create database repositories for radio occultation data products from multiple vendors.

● During the data-collection period (two continuous three-month periods over the course of nine months), conduct periodic checks of the data products being provided.

● Check the consistency of the processed radio occultation data against applicable data sources and against the output of ionosphere models.

● Document the suitability of the commercially-available ionospheric data products for space weather specification and forecast products.


● Candidates with a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in a related field will be considered at the CIRES Associate Scientist track; candidates with a Ph.D. and experience in ionospheric data and modeling will be considered at the CIRES Research Scientist track.

● Familiarity with ground-based and space-based ionospheric data and database utilization

● Familiarity with scientific data analysis and model-data comparison

● Expertise in programming languages (e.g., Python and IDL), code development in the Windows and/or Unix environment, and code source control and documentation

● Willingness to work effectively in a team environment

The position will be funded for at least 18 months and will be filled at CIRES.

Job: *Faculty

Organization: *B0001 -- Boulder Campus

Title: CIRES/SWPC Space Weather Scientist *Closes 7/31/2018*

Location: Boulder

Requisition ID: 13943