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University Corp. For Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Associate Scientist III in Boulder, Colorado

Location: NOAA's Office of Coast Survey in Silver Spring, MD.Type: Full-time.Position Term: No term.Application Deadline: Position will be posted for 14 days or until asufficient number of applicants is received.Relocation: No relocation is offered for this position.Work Authorization: UCAR/NCAR will not sponsor a work visa (e.g.,J-1, H1-B, etc.) for this position.Hiring Salary Range: $98,008 - $127,410Full Salary Range: $78,406 - $98,008 - $127,410Benefits: UCAR affirms its continuing commitment to developing,providing, and administering its employee benefit programs with dueconsideration for equal employment opportunity and diversity guidelines.UCAR's rich package of employee benefits includes medical, dental,vision, education assistance, retirement, and life insurance. UCARoffers a variety of programs designed to assist with work-life balanceincluding flexible work alternatives, paid time off and 14 weeks of paidparentWhere You Will Work:The Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science(CPAESS-pronounced: see-pass), under the UCP, provides an extensiveportfolio of placement, management, and organizational services for thebroad Earth System Science community. CPAESS develops innovative solutions tocomplex scientific challenges, advances research capacity, and fosterscommunity collaborations.CPAESS provides professional development, training, and researchopportunities for early career to expert scientists. The CPAESS communityincludes placements at prestigious postdoctoral fellowships, short- andlong-term appointments at US Federal research labs and institutions,research internships, and summer school opportunities for graduates andpostdoctoral scientists. These research and training opportunities providementoring and career advancement; lifelong collaboration through programalumni networks; and the advancement of science worldwide throughuniversity, federal, state, municipal level, and private sectorpartnerships. CPAESS employees and sponsors collectively work toward advancingscientific research for the benefit of society.What You Will Do:This position is suggested for physical scientists, statisticians, coastalengineers, geomatics engineers and GIS scientists with research interestsand experience in methods for sensitivity analysis, uncertaintyquantification, data assimilation and probabilistic computational methods.Operational Forecasting Systems (OFS) are coastal hydrodynamic models inwhich errors that develop due to bathymetry (bottom topography) datadeficiencies will propagate and affect results elsewhere in the model domain.While information such as bathymetry in navigation channels is critical tomariners, OFS guidance (e.g. for surface current velocity, waterlevel, salinity and temperature) predictions will also be degraded by thepoor bathymetry representation in modeling systems.This position will work as a part of the Coastal Marine Modeling Branch at theOffice of Coast Survey, NOS/NOAA, and will have a central role inassessing coastal models' sensitivity to uncertainties and errors inbathymetric information. The bathymetry inputs to models are interpolated onthe model grids from the best available bathymetry data acquired by OCS andother sources. The candidate will work to quantify how gaps or significantuncertainty in the data (e.g. older bathymetry data collection dates,etc.) would result in degradation of the coastal model results.This will involve collaborating with field experts and modeling scientists inorder to understand sources and types of uncertainties in bathymetric data.This position is located in the Coast Survey Development Laboratory ofNOAA's Office of Coast Survey in Silver Spring, MD.Responsibilities:Develop and implement methodologies for quantifying model errors in relationwith bathymetric data and approaches for improving bottom coverage that canreduce model uncertainties.Identify GIS tools and algorithms that can be used to inform and prioritizefuture bathymetric surveys (