Summit Solutions Multiple Production Assembly Positions Open + Bonus in Berthoud, Colorado

Summit Solutions has multiple openings for production assemblers looking forfull-time employment. Summit Solutions is planning a production run in supportof a recently awarded option contract and needs at least ten (10)candidates looking for additional experience in a manufacturing environment.Training for the operation of production equipment is provided. Reliable,dependable employees willing to work in a team environment will succeed inthese positions. Candidates also having experience in industrial painting(e.g. auto body or metal painting) and/or metal finishing (e.g.operation of chemical tanks) are also of particular interest.Summit Solutions is hiring now in order to train employees and startproduction on 4 September 2018. The production run is anticipated to becompleted before year-end. These positions are ideal for candidates comingoff seasonal/summer positions or employees otherwise experiencing work slowdowns. For candidates seeking long-term employment beyond thistimeframe, this is the perfect position to demonstrate your capabilities,skills, reliability, and potential. Summit Solutions has filled severalpermanent positions from personnel who initially joined the team during optionproduction runs, and we take pride in improving our team organically bypromoting from within.HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES WHO WORK UNTIL THE COMPLETION OF THE ENTIRE PRODUCTIONRUN WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A $1,000.00 BONUS.A brief description of qualifications and responsibilities may include:Primary Duties and Responsibilities:1) Perform production tasks in a high-volume production line, includingsemi-automated weld operations, processing materials for finishing,loading and preparation of paint line, testing of subassemblies, finalassembly, and preparation of product for shipment.2) Read and correctly interpret work instructions, processes,measurements, and travelers.3) Verify in-process inspections, quality documentation, and finalassembly checklists have been accurately completed.4) Perform preventive maintenance and necessary repairs on production lineequipment.5) Assist in identification and resolution of production line issues.6) Kit materials, ensuring all material is properly accounted andinventory accurately recorded.7) Accurately report non-conformances and complete supporting qualitydocumentation.8) Employee will be required to assist with other tasks throughoutoperations, including other manufacturing areas, to ensure the consistentflow of the entire production floor, as needed (including overtime asnecessaryPhysical Demands:Job duties require an employee to stand for long periods of time andfrequently lift and carry up to 50 lbs. Other physical requirements mayinclude stooping, reaching, and bending. Good hearing and vision arerequired in order to follow announcements and/or safety warnings.Minimum Requirements - Education, Experience, and Skills:At a minimum, a candidate must have the following education and/or skills:1) Dependability, reliability, a strong work ethic, and a willingnessto work as a team in a production environment.2) United States citizenship or a lawful permanent resident status.3) High school diploma or General Education Development (GED)certificate preferred;Additional Information:1) Work Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:00 4:30 (10 hr/days);[Fridays are reserved for overtime on an as needed basis.]Company Overview: Summit Solutions is a manufacturer of specializedcontainers, structures, and other complex products for government andcommercial use. Summit Solutions' capabilities in welding, machining,assembly, and testing are supported by adjacent saw, painting, and metalfinishing operations. Summit Solutions is located in Berthoud, Colorado.